06L103801 Oil Drain Plug Car Plastic Drain Plug with Seal Compatible with A3 VW Golf by Ketofa UPC:674043002415

  • Price:$7.99
  • Product description:

--Engine oil drain plugs allow you to easily drain the old oil out of your engine.

--Used and install the engine oil drain plug on 2015-2016 VW.

--OEM Ref Number: 06L 103 801 / 06L103801

--Applicable engines: CPKA, CPRA, CPPA, CBFA, CCTA

--Package include :5 x Oil Drain Plugs

<b>1.Why do we need to change oil drain plug frequently?</b><br><br> Since the oil drain plug is constantly removed every few thousand miles for your oil changes, they don't always stay in the best condition and can strip or fracture. Be sure to replace a damaged drain plug immediately to avoid engine oil loss.<br><br> <b>06L103801 06L-103-801 Oil Drain Plug fits Models:</b><br><br> A3 2015-2018;<br> A4 2017-2018;<br> A4 ALLROAD 2017-2018;<br> A5 2018;<br> A6 2016-2018;<br> Q7 2017-2018;<br> S3 2015-2018;<br> TT 2016-2018 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2018;<br> VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2015-2018<br> VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI 2017;<br> VOLKSWAGEN GOLF R 2015-2018;<br> VOLKSWAGEN GOLF SPORTWAGEN 2015-2016;<br> VOLKSWAGEN GTI 2015-2018;<br> VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT 2018;<br> VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN 2018




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